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Marketing & Business Development Manager

The Marketing & Business Development Manager works directly with agency Marketing Director in coordinating assigned projects. In this role, the Account Executive is responsible for sound, proper and timely execution of all assigned work.


The nature of the Marketing & Business Development Manager’s position requires on-going and in-depth interactions with both the agency’s staff and client representatives. The Marketing & Business Development Manager should be curious and proactive in nature. An experienced writing background will be strongly considered.


Works closely with all agency staff members in both planning, analyzing and evaluation information for programs and projects, and in managing assigned activities.


Will have direct client contact with agency clients as assigned.

Areas of Responsibilities

Planning, analyzing and evaluating information and agency output relevant to assigned client projects and needs. This may include:

– Writing communication documents, such as press releases, internal and external communication plans, and additional as directed

– Collaboration with the Director in preparation of recommendations, marketing strategies and actions.

– Reviewing, analyzing material relative to client needs.

Coordinating and managing the activities necessary to meet the needs of assigned projects. This may include the following:

  • Handles assigned work request in efficient, timely manner
  • Assists in monitoring budget, research and similar items as assigned.
  • Maintains communications with appropriate agency and clients personnel to ensure that assigned work is handled in a positive, timely and efficient manner.


Bachelor’s Degree


2-4+ yrs marketing experience with focus in PR or Advertising

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Denny Leffler
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