Scoppechio Earns Corporate Responsibility Award for Smash Hit “Splat Out Cancer”

Posted on November 08, 2016

PR Daily has awarded Scoppechio its Corporate Social Responsibility Award for its pro bono creation and execution of the “Splat Out Cancer” campaign. The campaign raised nearly $100,000 for the James Graham Brown Cancer Center (JGBCC) in August of 2015. The award is given to companies who show exceptional ingenuity and passion for bringing to light issues that affect their community, industry and society at large.

At “Splat Out Cancer,” locals lined up around the block to pay $25 and launch their own paint-filled balloon up onto the side wall of a five-story downtown building, which bore the words “Splat Out Cancer.” Cancer patients from around the area were the first to launch their balloons.

The event allowed supporters to viscerally be a part of eliminating the disease. “Splat Out Cancer” was the number one trending topic in Louisville for the day and gained the JGBCC unprecedented local and national media coverage.

PR Daily bestows the Corporate Social Responsibility Award for work that demonstrates an organization’s integrity, authenticity, and intention. Scoppechio is thrilled to have utilized its one-of-a-kind creative strategy to show its passion for serving the city of Louisville and the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.