Scoppechio Named Agency of Record for Water Test Kit Leader EnviroTestKits®

Will help meet nation’s growing concern for clean, safe water.

Posted on May 10, 2016

LOUISVILLE – May 9, 2016 – Scoppechio, Kentucky’s largest advertising agency and one of the nation’s largest private agencies, has been named agency of record for EnviroTestKits® (ETK) and Safe Home® brands: a new line of drinking water test kits available from EnviroTestKits®, a division of Environmental Laboratories Inc. (ELI). The Indiana-based ELI is an EPA-certified laboratory with nearly 35 years of experience providing lab testing of water quality. Twelve different options for test kits detect dangerous contaminants, including lead, in drinking water.

“Concern over water quality has dominated the national media as of late, specifically as we see what has happened in Flint, Michigan, the Newark, New Jersey school system, and other parts of the country where aging water supply infrastructures are impacting the health of our communities,” says Jerry Preyss, CEO at Scoppechio. “The Safe Home®Water Test Kits can help allay any fears that homeowners, apartment dwellers or even small business owners may have about the quality of their water supply. We are very excited about supporting ELI in making their Safe Home® product line accessible to people here in the U.S. and around the world.”

“The Safe Home® Water Test Kits are able to identify a multitude of bacteria and other contaminants in your water supply using a small sample of water from the faucet,” said Chris Myers, President and CEO of ELI. “It’s easy to use, fast, affordable and very accurate. With this information, a homeowner can take corrective action if necessary.”

Safe Home® Water Test Kits are designed across a Basic-to-Ultimate test format that allows for testing of 5- up to -200 contaminants that can be found in drinking water.

“We can accommodate the most fundamental-to-sophisticated inquiries with test results, in just a few business days,” Myers added.

Scoppechio will be providing a broad array of marketing services, such as brand strategy and shopper marketing, including e-commerce and communications across all media platforms, including digital.

“Quality drinking water was once something we took for granted here in the United States,” says Preyss. “Today, that’s no longer the case. Safe Home® Water Test Kits will play an important role in providing peace of mind to families about this essential need we all have. We’re delighted to be their partner.”

About Scoppechio
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About ELI

EnviroTestKits® (ETK) is a division of Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (ELI). ELI scientists have over 150 years of combined drinking water testing experience. ETK is an industry leader in providing DRINKING WATER TEST KITS to the general public. With more than 21 million private wells in the USA and 750 million globally, EnviroTestKits® and Safe Home® brands place special emphasis on bringing laboratory-certified performance to people who have private water supplies. A portion of the sale of each Safe Home® test kit is donated to clean water, nonprofit initiatives. Learn more at